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Christie Brinkley Brings Her Beauty Secrets to Cosmetics


The collection features foundations, eye concealers, highlighters, powder blush, powder bronzer, eye shadow palettes, mascara, brow-defining pencils and lipsticks. Prices range from $13.95 for the concealer to $27.95 for the foundation.

”Christie has had access to the best color products from all over the world for over 40 years and she knew exactly what she wanted to develop for her customers,” said Surwilo. “Our job was easy — source the finest ingredients worldwide and formulate them exactly to her specifications.” Added Brinkley with self-deprecating humor, “when you’ve got that kind of mileage, you need some good makeup.”

Calling the collection the “Brinkley basics,” she emphasized they are cruelty free and foolproof. “The trend is to look like you, only better,” she said.

The introductory shades range is tight (for example, there are only two eye-shadow palettes and four shades of foundation), cultivated using feedback from followers. “You know the Instagram saying, your vibe attracts your tribe,” Brinkley laughed. “I have a lot of followers who have the same concerns I do, and they are the first to pipe up and we focused on colors for them.”

Brinkley added the ability to personally demonstrate the capabilities of her shades is one reason HSN is a good partner for her brand.

Still, Brinkley plans to build out the shade range, based on demand, in the future, as well as adding more categories such as brushes and sets. “I started out wanting to be an artist and studied art in Paris, so brushes are important,” she said. She showed off her artistic abilities, personally drawing face charts highlighting her color line.

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